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    Vincent is a top Whittier realtor who has helped his clients make smart real estate investments for over 20 years.


    Vincent knows how to market and negotiate for the highest returns and the best possible deals in Whittier.

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    Vincent uses the newest tools and strategies to help you sell or buy your dream home in Whittier.

How Vincent Yan Can Help You

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FREE Home Furniture Staging!

When you list your Whittier home with Vincent.

As your Whittier realtor, Vincent will stage your home to help you sell it faster and at a higher price, at no cost.

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More than just your Realtor

As an experienced real estate broker in Whittier, Vincent has built his career around genuine connections and friendships, especially with his clients. He treats each property as if it’s his home, each client like a friend, and works with absolute attention with a personal touch on every matter, using his skills and experience in real estate and his enthusiasm for architecture and design in setting up a home for listing, or in finding your dream home in Whittier. His mindset is simple: to save or get you more money, and to take care of all the technical issues so you can rest easy.

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Hacienda Heights, California 91745

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A safe place of comfort where we serve our most basic need for shelter is called home.

Like turning a house in to real home takes all efforts and emotions, Vincent Yan, a seasoned Whittier realtor put his years of knowledge, experience and understanding of ever-changing real estate market to work for you.

Vincent Yan is practiced in what it takes to market a home, as well as what is needed to efficiently negotiate a buying.

More significantly, it’s his full-time involvement as practiced Whittier realtor, letting buyers/sellers to live their lives at ease while he handles all of the time-consuming essentials.

Understand Home Financing Better with Vincent Yan

“The city of Whittier has been experiencing a renaissance in the last few years. Due to an energized community, culture and young professionals, more and more people are looking to Whittier as an attractive option to settle and lay down roots.”

Apart from recommending reliable owners, Vincent Yan acts as an important resource for insights such as specific information for location, trends in neighborhood, earning sources available and others.

If you are a first-time homebuyer or seller in Whittier, Realtor Vincent Yan will help you understand all of the additional costs of owning a home including taxes, insurance, maintenance, and the like.

Get the Most Up-To-Date Market Insights

Although you and lots of others, can depend on all of the resources available online to get a picture of the current market, Vincent Yan will keep you updated to-the-minute on the status of properties.

As a proud Whittier realtor, Vincent Yan has gained significant real estate field operations experience during his long working tenure of more than twenty years.

He has the strong business intelligence and a deep understanding of what sellers or buyers need so that this life transforming decision won’t become a tedious one.

Get Marketing Information & Guidance

Vincent Yan provides comparative market analysis to have a strong estimation about the home’s value based on comparable sales in the area and property condition.

If you are ready to sell or buy your dream home then call Vincent today and get the best deals available in the market!